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After north, three killed in south Kashmir

Srinagar, June 29, 2010:

Police and paramilitary killed three more youth in Indian administered Kashmir Tuesday, a day after the government promised to put an end to killings.

Two teenagers and a 20-year-old were killed after police and paramilitary forces fired at a group of protestors in Laizbal locality of Anantnag town, around 62-km south of Srinagar city, the summer capital of Indian administered Kashmir.

“Two people have been killed and four others were injured in the police firing today. Of the four injured two critically wounded has been referred to Srinagar for treatment, while as two others are undergoing treatment here,” said Dr. Gulzar Ahmad, Superintendent of district hospital Anantnag.

One of the critically wounded succumbed to injuries on way to Srinagar hospital.

Earlier during the day a protester was injured in police firing in the town.

Talking tough, chief minister of Indian administered Kashmir Omar Abdullah asked people to respect curfews and counsel children to not resort to stone pelting.

Most of the protestors killed in recent days have been teenagers or youth in 20’s.

A nine year old was among two killed in protests in northern Kashmir on Monday.

Omar blamed separatists for instigating protests.

Critics point out that authorities have already cracked down on separatists, detaining many and cutting their lines of communication.

Fresh killings in southern Kashmir stirred further protests in Anantnag with protestors torching a police post and a few some owned public transport buses.

Today’s killing has taken death toll of civilians to eight since Friday.

Eleven people have been killed since June 11, when a police tear gas shell killed a teenager Tufail Ahmad Matoo in Srinagar.

Matoo’s family said he was returning from tuitions when he was hit by the shell.

Police initially denied any role in the killings but autopsy reports affirmed death by a firearm.

Chief minister Abdullah said curfew would be imposed wherever needed to restore order.

Many parts of summer capital Srinagar are under an undeclared curfew.

Authorities have also jammed mobile phone services in Baramulla district and blocked SMS services across the region.



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Click here to read this story. For reproduction rights contact Kashmir Newz Desk

Click here to read this story. For reproduction rights contact Kashmir Newz Desk

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