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APDP commemorates International day of Disappeared

Aug 30, 2006:

The Association of Parents of Disappeared (APDP)Kashmir, today organised a sit in protest in Srinagar to commemorate the international day of disappeared.

The APDP, a group comprising of relatives of disappeared persons, alleges that more than 10000 people have been subjected to enforced disappearances by state agencies in Indian administered Kashmir.

Authorities in Kashmir put the figure of disappeared at about 3000 and claim most of the disappeared have crossed over to Pakistan administered Kashmir, a claim refuted by the APDP.

Scores of APDP members gathered in the municipal park in Srinagar Wednesday wearing headbands with names of disappeared kin and holding their pictures.

APDP members also sit in protest on 25th of every month at the same place pressing their demand of 'information about disappeared'.

"We want information about our children. If they are dead let they hand over the bodies to us. At least we will be relieved," said Parveena Ahanger Chairperson of APDP.

Parveena said the APDP has resolved to fight for their demands and alleged that the phenomenon of disappearances has not stopped in Kashmir.

APDP claims more than 42 cases of enforced disappearances since November 2005, when the present goverment led by Ghulam Nabi Azad took over in Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian human rights activist Gautam Navlakha who was also present on the occasion said he was "surprised that such elementary demand of disclosing information about the disappeared was not met by the government".

"As an Indian I feel embarrased over the situation" said Navlakha.

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