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Open Space

Israel and Gaza--The Big Picture

By Baba Umar

Date: December 26

Venue: Gaza Strip

Occasion: Israeli bombardment of Gaza Strip

Results: Over 1200 killed and more than 5500 injured

Mahmoud Dervish's land has blown up again. How? As the US-supplied F-16s pounded Gaza for over 22 consecutive days, the New York Times headline howled 'Israel Deepens Gaza Incursion as Toll Mounts'. Definitely Israel will penetrate deeper into Gaza because the world is not watching. UN is sitting at leisure to witness Gaza's isolation from the outside world with the helpless people brave carpet bombing and no corner to escape, the highways and lanes littered with charred bodies of burnt children, barrage of missiles crumbling building and setting fire on hospitals and schools.

In UN, the members failed to release report on Gaza humanitarian crisis because US vetoed. It thwarted an effort by Muslim Libya to persuade the U.N. Security Council to call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza after Israel launched a ground invasion. US vetoed because it believes Hamas broke the six-month long ceasefire with Israel by firing projectiles that have killed 15 Israeli's in 15 years. Sheer lie. US says nothing on the 5000 Palestinians who were killed by Israelis during the same time. It ignores the November 5 and November 17 Israeli assaults on Gaza when the truce was in effect. Everything is shocking. And so is US's doublespeak.

Israel won't cave in because it has the influential US beside it whose tax payers continuously find their money drained off to manufacture war machines for the illegitimate child. And interestingly Israeli President Shimon Peres, who is also the 1994 Nobel Peace prize winner believes that all those killed, were terrorists or their sympathesizers.

Peres, I suppose the Jews struggling for their lives in the Poland ghettos and German shanties were never dismissed as militants by Hitler or his 'Mein Kemp'.

Hitler did call Jews 'Untermenchen' (Sub Humans) which you proved to be again by stroking hell fire on the innocent Gazans who have already been battered by six-month long blockade imposed from sea, air and land.

And still on.

Because Muslims blood is white, it mismatches with theirs. So the jungle law should prevail for the world belongs to powerful only. It's only parasites that have full rights to exist and survive. Being minnow is unethical and unacceptable. So the rot should get out of the planet. The fall of Babylon should follow the fall of Beit Hanoun. Abu Gharaib and Guantanamo are the things of past. Fairy tales are they. So the devil duo (US and Israel) would carve out the new ones from Palestine. Blast the Gaza. Plunder it of its souls. This is their priority. This is the prerequisite. Condel will keep on counting civilian causalities, but the green signal for Israel will remain on.

Time and again, it has been made clear by United States that it stands by Israel and approves of its horrendous foreign policy in the mid east, especially in Palestine. Its double standards are quite visible, inevitable too. W are told that US is ready to send millions as aid, but it also needs Palestinian blood on quid pro quo basis. Applauds are aired for the puppet Mahmud Abbas government for condemning Hamas. At the same time sonic booms from US made precision missiles are wrecking havoc on Gazans. Cut the Palestinian melon is the theme Israel and US are working on.

And what is more shocking is the idiocy of Arabs. They prefer remain silent to see Palestinian streets painted with blood of innocent human souls, annihilated roads and bridges, maimed bodies, scattered human flesh, children in their mothers' lap buried under the rubble and carpenters running short of wood to make cots.

While digging mass graves is the routine of survivors in Palestinians, King Abdullah is undisturbed in his fortress and Husseni Mubarak is breaking bread with Israelis. Notwithstanding the fact that streets of Arab also protested against Zionist Israel aggression, but the view to Gaza from Arab streets is quite different from Arab palaces.

An Arab analyst on the Press TV show cried 'I am embarrassed to call myself as an Arab'. Even someone on the same show proposed that Arab league which saw three absentees , Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt in their latest meet, should be moved to Venezuela, which was the first country to kick out Israeli Ambassador from it soil followed by Bolivia.

Interestingly, President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez called the Gaza attacks as "Palestinian holocaust", the Arab troika are yet to give it a name. He had in 2006 also threatened to break ties with Israel over its military campaign in Lebanon in a war of words that led both nations to withdraw their envoys. The Arab league which aims at protecting interests of all Arab nations has failed once again and its reallocation to Caracas seems a better idea.

Khalil Jibran's lines, 'Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking' gels with the attitude of Arab governments.

In Israel, President Olmert may say that he has reached all the goals of the Gaza war, and beyond. Surely he has reached, because the value of human life is less in Gaza than that of citizens elsewhere in Israel. The Gazans are the children of lesser God and an Israeli teardrop is worth more than a million drops of Gazans' blood.

UN is calling both the factions to restrain. Both sides? Do Hamas and the Israelis both have F-16s and F-18's? Are Hamas' home-made rockets (firecrackers) and Israeli military and air power comparable? Have you seen Hamas fighters in Haifa or Tel Aviv? Or have you seen Israeli women and children taking refuge in schools?

And where is the peace envoy to mid east. Tony Blair has gone dumb. So much dumb that he cannot at least say that when IRA fired mortars into Northern Ireland, London didn't respond by pounding Irish Republic with white phosphorous and pressure bombs, it was not sending tanks and naval ships to demolish churches and hospitals to teach the Irish a lesson.

Some one argued that Hamas should have acted smart but instead it provoked Israel by firing rockets. Alright! When Israel was preparing its soldiers for war six months prior besides strangling Gaza from every direction, the question of provoking doesn't really matter at all. Even if Hamas would have stopped sending its firecrackers beyond Gaza, who would have gambled that Israel wouldn't invade Gaza. A slave mind set, in fact.

Though western governments may decline to subscribe it, here in Gaza, the SP Huntington's theory ' The clash of civilizations' is becoming valid. Fukuyama's assessment might differ again because he thinks that it's resources that are being targeted but not Muslims, but Gazan's or Lebanese aren't sitting on any oil wealth. Are they?

Now that Bush is gone but Olmert must remember that when an Arab has nothing else to toss at you, he hurls a shoe. And till the Arab world run out of shoes, you will have to allow running riot and a lot more fatalities from the skies till they have no more legs to stand on. The ad hoc states can't kill all the Arabs and watch out they still have a pair of shoes to fling at them and their bosses.

Baba Umar is a Srinagar based journalist.


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