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Government hospitals supplied spurious antibiotics

Kashmir CM's journalism lessons

Kashmir TB campaign on wrong wavelength


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Building of a disaster
In its ‘march towards modernity’ Kashmir is losing its traditional houses, giving way to environment-unfriendly brick and mortar structures without any provision for even the high danger seismic zone the valley sits on. Shahnawaz Khan reports.

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Interview with Saleem Beg Head INTACH J&K Chapter

Did India goof up honouring Kashmir’s revolutionary poet?
India has released a postage stamp featuring most famous pro-freedom poet of Kashmir, Mahjoor, who strongly detested Kashmir’s accession with the country. Is it a goof up? Haroon Mirani reports.

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Ladakh’s giant leap in renewable energy
The Moon land is taking a giant leap towards energy self-sufficiency by harnessing renewable sources. Provided right conditions, Ladakh can become energy exporter too. Haroon Mirani reports.

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Green power for the faithful

Promotion of menstrual hygiene in Kashmir goes slack
Government plans to promote menstrual hygiene among the adolescent girls of Indian-administered Kashmir had gone slack as subsidized sanitary napkins lie undistributed in godowns. Peerzada Arshad Hamid reports.

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Cramped treatment unit in worst affected zone
Two small rooms inside a hospital serve as Treatment Unit for tuberculosis in Shopian, the most impacted district in Kashmir, leaving the staff and patients struggle for space amid cartons of medications, and jars of laboratory chemicals. Peerzada Arshad Hamid reports.

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Overcoming misconceptions

Changed Wullar a flood threat
Encroachments and siltation of the largest fresh water lake in India, and the government apathy is threatening a major flood in Kashmir. Haroon Mirani reports.

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Chestnuts in troubled waters

TB Awareness still a challenge in Kashmir
Indian administered Kashmir fares better in the execution of Revised National TB control Programme in the country, but overcoming misconceptions about the dreaded disease is still a challenge that hampers its control. Peerzada Arshad Hamid reports.

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Official Offenders
View pictures of Forest officials raiding Pahlagam Development Authority owned golf course to recover felled pines buried underground.

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Summers of discontent
For the third consecutive year in 2010, Indian administered Kashmir witnessed a tumultuous summer. Peerzada Arshad Hamid revisits the hot summers of Kashmir.

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Police chief admits presence of torture camps
Kashmir's police chief fumbles in a interview with BBC World Service radio almost admitting to the presence of torture camps in Kashmir. Shahnawaz Khan reports.

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Kashmir's last cinema
The only functional cinema hall in Srinagar, the Neelam cinema looks more like a war torn military post, with coils of razor wire and bunkers. Nusrat Ara visits the hall on a quiet Sunday

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When a movie inspired Kashmir rebellion
In Kashmir 1931 is remembered for the first rebellion against monarchy in recent history. The same year, in Libya, rebel leader Omar Mukhtar was hanged by Italian colonists. A half a century later, a Hollywood movie on Omar Mukhtar, stoked a fresh rebellion in Kashmir. Faisul Yaseen reports.

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No ambulance for Kashmir's injured
In Indian administered Kashmir, where thousands of small and big blasts have caused tens of thousands of casualties, the state healthcare system boasts of one ambulance, mostly attached with the state head. For the rest of folk there are a few carrier vans disguised as ambulances, most of which lack even basic emergency facilities. Peerzada Arshad Hamid reports.

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Forest officials recovering felled green pines from Pahalgam Golf Course /  Kashmir Newz < More >
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